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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  1. DailyDrivenExotics


    2 måneder siden

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    • LSA


      Måned siden

      Please please please get a diablo please

    • dan AUS

      dan AUS

      Måned siden

      Questionable sponsor!

    • SwankPeRFection


      Måned siden

      Did you put in the subtitles just to trigger more comments? 🙄

    • Dillon Harshman

      Dillon Harshman

      Måned siden

      If yall can afford it then of course why not.

    • James Lopez

      James Lopez

      2 måneder siden

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  2. Pete Cicero

    Pete Cicero

    7 dager siden

    Bentley's are for driving. Roll's are for being ridden in.

  3. Wisam A

    Wisam A

    Måned siden

    3:42 lmao



    Måned siden

    Dave should put a body kit with a 3 piece Set wheels on his SUV Lamborghini

  5. lauwieS4


    Måned siden

    Hahahahaha “almost the same spec as Damon.. sick.”

  6. peter Walsh

    peter Walsh

    Måned siden

    subtitles Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo

  7. LSA


    Måned siden

    Please please please get a diablo please

  8. The H

    The H

    Måned siden

    A GT1 Murci would be funny, anyway love everything that you doing keep it up !

  9. XYNO


    Måned siden

    💚 lovre green Murcielago 💚

  10. Dayyan qaiser

    Dayyan qaiser

    Måned siden

    love the lp640

  11. Robert Wolfe

    Robert Wolfe

    Måned siden

    Word at midwest car shows whatever's happening in CA is also happening in Midwest too, just an FYI

  12. Robert Wolfe

    Robert Wolfe

    Måned siden

    U think who just parked Bentley SUV could get any closet to passenger side of rare gated CGT?

  13. Glenn Abas

    Glenn Abas

    Måned siden

    Lambo is my dream car..😍😍😍

  14. Tom Rench

    Tom Rench

    Måned siden

    I think Dave should get a manual gallardo or diablo.

  15. Neke Thoms

    Neke Thoms

    Måned siden

    They actually upgraded the headlight. Is at rear of the car also. Still love you your content ysob

  16. Rosemarie Fabrigar

    Rosemarie Fabrigar

    Måned siden

    I wanna know what is the name of the song in the beginning of the video

  17. Rio Mendoza

    Rio Mendoza

    Måned siden

    I’d rather watch them drive a Pinto around then watch them buy and ride around in another Lamborghini. If you’ve seen one Lamborghini you have seen them all

  18. blumkinpie


    Måned siden

    Funny thing is even that "cgt" has doubled in value over the last 5 years

  19. Jetdanga_ lenciano

    Jetdanga_ lenciano

    Måned siden

    make a gintani exhaust on that murci

  20. Denis Lewis

    Denis Lewis

    Måned siden

    More food videos Please lot more meat dishes beef stew proper dinner next time Dam but a lot more MEAT DISHES

  21. Dan Desjarlais

    Dan Desjarlais

    Måned siden

    Theres a murci roadster with gated shift in Edmonton sliver one

  22. Denis Lewis

    Denis Lewis

    Måned siden


  23. Kroniq Stirling

    Kroniq Stirling

    Måned siden

    Full send DDE. Get the second merci

  24. Keipherlc


    Måned siden

    really want to find some Yellow DDE Drip Merch.

  25. IMpaild Gaming

    IMpaild Gaming

    Måned siden

    Skip to 6:18 to skip the add

  26. killerjc2003


    Måned siden

    2 murcielagos don’t let their cycles line up the break at the same time there’s some big boy bills

  27. Blue collar e-bike stories

    Blue collar e-bike stories

    Måned siden

    If they don't go home with that Murci there's problems

  28. JG


    Måned siden

    If Dave's long @ss legs could fit, I would say to the Merci. But he needs a larger cabin.

  29. C Trox

    C Trox

    Måned siden

    OH YEAH! Bentley Continental GT Speed! That's on my list ever since Jeremy Clarkson reviewed it on Top Gear.

  30. Rob


    Måned siden

    All you see now is a buy and sale channel no more actions or anything. All you see is thumbnails with car cover

  31. Max Darling

    Max Darling

    Måned siden

    Get the merci

  32. RomeR


    Måned siden

    I choked on my pretzels when Dave said almost the same spec as Damon’s

  33. Rollin


    Måned siden

    Ewwwww, captions. Very distracting

  34. Martin Gunner

    Martin Gunner

    Måned siden

    That was so funny guys. Cheers for that. Enjoy your trip. Peace ✌️. Luv from the uk.

  35. Margera09


    Måned siden

    Would love to see you guys in Switzerland once 🤙

  36. Kyle Moquin

    Kyle Moquin

    Måned siden

    Get it...... for the love of DDE

  37. MR SANCHO619

    MR SANCHO619

    Måned siden

    Bro cleanest lil brodie

  38. DooMae86


    Måned siden

    Are you fu%*ing drunk right now??? Dave 2021

  39. gprime70


    Måned siden

    I say we have a challenge or poll, how long do you think DDE will last on the streets on LA before they get pulled over 😭🤣 I'm gonna say less then 3 hours being out there

  40. Zigarren König

    Zigarren König

    Måned siden

    SICK intro 🤙🤙🤙 beats are 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Eym Me

    Eym Me

    Måned siden

    Bentley bros achievement 😂

  42. Cameron Russell

    Cameron Russell

    Måned siden

    Yes, we’ll take the gas challenges on YT!!

  43. victor555117


    Måned siden

    Holy shit! That ending was amazing!

  44. bill bobaggins

    bill bobaggins

    Måned siden

    I love the mercisaurous rex...pull the trigger and ride that Dino

  45. Isaiah Roberts

    Isaiah Roberts

    Måned siden

    You know... an LFA really would complete the V12 gang fr

  46. Ithboltar666


    Måned siden

    But anyways. Yes get the Murci for Dave.

  47. Ithboltar666


    Måned siden

    Looks like youtube is drunk again. I have been subscribed to dde channel for years and just noticed that they had un subscribed me from dde.

  48. 01pabz


    Måned siden

    Damon is such a sick driver 💥💥👊🏽

  49. Greg Ichikawa

    Greg Ichikawa

    Måned siden

    The look on Damon's face when he's driving his Murci, Its like he's trying not to smile but the Car just makes him smile LOL !!

  50. jino john maravilla

    jino john maravilla

    Måned siden

    not digging the captions..

  51. Johann Norris

    Johann Norris

    Måned siden

    Damien I think your friend just crapped his pants in your Lambo and he got secondhand smoke from your tires 👍👍

  52. Johann Norris

    Johann Norris

    Måned siden

    Yes you should buy Dave a new car to Damien buy him the new Lamborghini the blue one what is the cost 200,000

  53. David Messer

    David Messer

    Måned siden

    You guys might get your cars impounded cause of the mods cause it's now illegal in California to have any mods done to the car.

  54. Jonathan Drost

    Jonathan Drost

    Måned siden

    Love the Merci !!

  55. Chris Reitz

    Chris Reitz

    Måned siden

    Thought u guys were trying to thin out the fleet not buy more cars 😂

  56. afbranding


    Måned siden

    Dudes. You have to take a euro tour .

  57. Kimmel


    Måned siden

    The license plate is one of the most expensive ones which you can get if you live in Basel City. Such a low number is so cool!

  58. Fawoo_


    Måned siden

    Get the viper ACR instead

  59. Ismael AKA:Kruder6

    Ismael AKA:Kruder6

    Måned siden

    18:06 thats the DDE i know hahaha SLAYING TYRES

  60. wubmarine


    Måned siden

    the subs are annoying af

  61. Denis Lewis

    Denis Lewis

    Måned siden

    Dave a film you must see your kind of film it's called News of the World

  62. chad madden

    chad madden

    Måned siden

    Straight pipe the bentley!!!!

  63. Safe


    Måned siden

    Always make my day so much better!

  64. Matty Shepo

    Matty Shepo

    Måned siden

    Another great vlog. Not a fan of the captions though.

  65. Luke Slater

    Luke Slater

    Måned siden

    Yes Dave should get a Murci🤔, however it should be an LP-640. Not just a regular Murci. That’s MORE DDE👌🏻.

  66. Luke Slater

    Luke Slater

    Måned siden

    What’s with the subtitles now🤔.

  67. Professional Idiot

    Professional Idiot

    Måned siden

    i couldnt get any merch from the f12 reveal so i got the box the merch came in instead XD autographed by all 3. Best day ever lol

  68. Augustus Arthur

    Augustus Arthur

    Måned siden

    Your editor is amazing

  69. kaimana martinez

    kaimana martinez

    Måned siden

    We all gonna ignore when Dave got into some random persons car

  70. JuergenGDB


    Måned siden

    Moss green and Yellow Calipers.. Green beans and Corn colors... hey to each their own. I would do a Semi Matt Satin Olive Green, Red Calipers and a different wheel, Light Gold, or black... darker tint.

  71. Alex D

    Alex D

    Måned siden

    It's a london taxi with a rolls badge ... Oops ... mistake in the text of Dave talking ... "as far as deal the old"

  72. dododude


    Måned siden

    “Dont ever change pony boy”

  73. Flynn Demunck

    Flynn Demunck

    Måned siden

    Quick car suggestion Nissan Silvia S15?Mods would be great TwinTurbo + SuperCharger, Widebody Kit, Big old Wang on the back, lowered, bags, Interior upgrade, Rims, Livery/Wrap. So yeah I'm quite sure its legal to own a S15 in Canada but not America in some states. Conclusion I think if you bought one it would really promote your channel being able to drag, race and drift. (Btw I'm a huge Australian Fan and I love your content, Guys keep up the good content and stay safe.

  74. Lorddylan Wolford

    Lorddylan Wolford

    Måned siden

    That’s 132 US dollars I would croak over if my car held that much fuel

  75. Juan Segovia

    Juan Segovia

    Måned siden

    Are you guys coming to Dallas?

  76. Patrick McAllister

    Patrick McAllister

    Måned siden

    I missed these dde intros😁

  77. Rickavius Cuyler

    Rickavius Cuyler

    Måned siden

    Never have I ever seen Damon do that in the merci

  78. Lonewolf


    Måned siden

    Damn I missed it

  79. Naabigh Allie

    Naabigh Allie

    Måned siden

    Please don't get another Merci, Add something different you already have one, That is just making your cotent go down

  80. skeet 069

    skeet 069

    Måned siden

    go for an svj and the merci

  81. KyushaLimit


    Måned siden

    Fianlly laying some rubber again! hell ya, 365/365 Vlog you need to end the video with a donut.

  82. Dylan


    Måned siden

    Buy itttttt

  83. the Gaming experience

    the Gaming experience

    Måned siden

    Svj better

  84. Colby Leathers

    Colby Leathers

    Måned siden

    Can you guys not do captions in your videos? It’s kinda annoying.

  85. Bartle Skeet

    Bartle Skeet

    Måned siden

    Asking Ed Bolians advice about a manual murci with an interesting back story is a no brainer.

  86. Idkforzanmj


    Måned siden

    I want to live ur life hopefully one day I’ll be there

  87. John Jerson Ortega

    John Jerson Ortega

    Måned siden

    Damon goin wild on the murci lmao 🔥👌

  88. Jeff Mathews

    Jeff Mathews

    Måned siden

    Love the videos. Been a subscriber since well before a million subscribers. The editing as of late makes me nauseas. Love you guys, but quick zoom in and zoom out hurts my looking balls!

  89. Damo Ryan

    Damo Ryan

    Måned siden

    I love that game I have it for few years

  90. January Morris

    January Morris

    Måned siden

    I don't like the subtitles, not a video killer but definitely it took me a minute to ignore them. Otherwise it was really cool video, I like the blue merciologo especially with the mercilago and silverish white written on the side

  91. victor contreras

    victor contreras

    Måned siden

    buy it and straight pipe that thing

  92. ryan borns

    ryan borns

    Måned siden

    Use that skid marking on the new shirts!! Please!

  93. ARTR1X


    Måned siden

    I have been a fan for overrrr 3 years

  94. ARTR1X


    Måned siden


  95. Carter Currie

    Carter Currie

    2 måneder siden

    Laughed my ass off at Dave this entire video 😂

  96. Doug Mohn

    Doug Mohn

    2 måneder siden

    More advertising, yea!

  97. curiousxiv


    2 måneder siden

    That Bentley did not let you in at all... lol...

  98. Nic


    2 måneder siden

    Get rid of the subtitles!

  99. CoCoGuardian


    2 måneder siden

    get the manual murci

  100. Rory Billard

    Rory Billard

    2 måneder siden

    😢 never a Canada tour. It makes us Canadian feel like you hate us 🙂