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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* nonet.info/glo/video/YoitYp2dnKaFuIM
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! nonet.info/glo/video/nXZieq2Kb8-LxYs
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE nonet.info/glo/video/qI-fdWVmqNqYz38
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police nonet.info/glo/video/dpOHoICWqt2lrHc
WE TOUR FAST & FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" nonet.info/glo/video/bH52mWhoh7GGkp0


  1. Sajid Ali

    Sajid Ali

    Dag siden

    Orange and white Lambo 🤮

  2. Y3arZer0


    3 dager siden

    RayRay is coming in.

  3. ปัญจพล ภู่จีน

    ปัญจพล ภู่จีน

    7 dager siden

    2:39 I never see Lamborghini sound like this it very cool

  4. Mamba 4L

    Mamba 4L

    9 dager siden

    It seems like everybody loves Don Chase, from Effspot to DDE

  5. Nathan Williams

    Nathan Williams

    10 dager siden

    Where's the "Rare Lamborghini racecar" ???

  6. gabriel neeley

    gabriel neeley

    12 dager siden

    McLaren is making a vehicle like ur lime green Lamborghini. Like a huge go cart

  7. mike scanlon

    mike scanlon

    13 dager siden

    la ferrari over bugatti

  8. uroprop


    13 dager siden

    no its just a useless gimmick car rich retards buy...theres no "race"

  9. Stull Jerri

    Stull Jerri

    13 dager siden

    The spotted truck primarily attack because grandson equally disagree pace a watery feeling. forgetful, hideous high tenor

  10. DailyDriven


    14 dager siden

    Dude in the orange car didn't give two shits to DDE lol

  11. NOBODY


    16 dager siden


  12. Austin Tyner

    Austin Tyner

    18 dager siden

    Dude in that matt orange elba kind of seem like a douchebag to me

  13. Adriano Dane

    Adriano Dane

    19 dager siden

    Pause the video to 10:46! The guy in the back looks like Paul Walker. The same hairstyle, white shirt....

  14. J Rock3091

    J Rock3091

    23 dager siden

    Those fucking streets takeovers need to stop. Find a parking lot to hoon in not an intersection.

  15. Oska


    24 dager siden


  16. Ashraf Othman

    Ashraf Othman

    24 dager siden

    chiron or la ferrari ? jesko absolut

  17. Yoseph Gebremeskel

    Yoseph Gebremeskel

    24 dager siden


    • Yoseph Gebremeskel

      Yoseph Gebremeskel

      24 dager siden

      You know your not allowed to touch Ferrari

  18. gmailcgs


    25 dager siden

    Damon's head at the top part Looks like bert, from bert and ernie, sesame street

  19. Steve Lockhart

    Steve Lockhart

    25 dager siden

    DDE should buy a Rimac Nevera you will never want to drive any other car lol

  20. SynisterSheep


    25 dager siden

    What the insta for the guy with the red nsx.? Was sooo nice. Dam

  21. John D

    John D

    26 dager siden

    this content was awesome ! keep up the good work guys. oh and the La F is the car i'd choose to be your next exotic.

  22. Gian Stevens

    Gian Stevens

    27 dager siden

    laferrari > chiron

  23. randy richardson

    randy richardson

    27 dager siden

    Sorry Damon Bugatti's are ugly

  24. Sean Baldwin

    Sean Baldwin

    27 dager siden

    I vote LA Ferrari

  25. WillisTheSnowman


    27 dager siden

    Damon, are they new Tom Ford sunglasses you’re wearing too???

  26. WillisTheSnowman


    27 dager siden

    Did you guys clip the interaction with the passenger in the Elva, or was he actually an entitled sounding dude???

  27. Animal Racing Customs

    Animal Racing Customs

    28 dager siden

    Love that you are back in the USA the content can now only get better

  28. Paras Chavan

    Paras Chavan

    28 dager siden

    4:56 Was that @vehiclevirgins McLaren 600LT?

  29. Walter FJK

    Walter FJK

    28 dager siden

    Wicked car show vlog! 🏎️🔥🔥🏎️🔥🔥

  30. Tyler Borders

    Tyler Borders

    Måned siden


  31. Alex plays

    Alex plays

    Måned siden

    Just save some More then get an egg😊

  32. no thankyou

    no thankyou

    Måned siden

    By the way history say's we are actually heading for an ice age so all this, and us, actually helps.

  33. no thankyou

    no thankyou

    Måned siden

    No sound no watch. Common sense is needed on the planet, ("chicken little" the sky is falling, does not work.) . Again, no sound no watch.

  34. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow

    Måned siden

    NEVERA IS the BEST...greetings from Croatia

  35. matthew welton

    matthew welton

    Måned siden

    LaFerrari. greatest of all time,

  36. Justin Daley

    Justin Daley

    Måned siden

    La Ferrari!!!

  37. Carson Haskins Skate boarding

    Carson Haskins Skate boarding

    Måned siden

    Let me tell you guys something your mclaren p1 gtr is a freaking beauty I would love to own one exactly like yours

  38. mikerzisu


    Måned siden

    Hard to believe all of their cars would get rekt by a model S plaid

  39. endredude


    Måned siden

    so much money..so little taste. all those great cars so awfully specced, like a 6 yr old's drawing..jeez

  40. Paul Laurendine

    Paul Laurendine

    Måned siden

    I've been watching your channel for years. I've been homeless. Even watching in a library when I was homeless. I'm not any more. If your talking about struggle. I think I struggle more than you really.

  41. Paul Laurendine

    Paul Laurendine

    Måned siden

    What's the problem? Really

  42. Paul Laurendine

    Paul Laurendine

    Måned siden

    You all know this work. Look how you all living . I like your content better than anybody else.

  43. Paul Laurendine

    Paul Laurendine

    Måned siden

    Can I ask you one question? Why haven't daily driven exotics come daily videos. Like you all did back in the day. If daily driven exotics want to keep daily driven exotics subscribers. Why do you all stop posting everyday. It's been 5 days know. We buy merchandise, we like your videos, we do everything you ask but, no videos!!!! Me personally love your videos. What happened?

    • Paul Laurendine

      Paul Laurendine

      Måned siden

      Before colvid your post daily videos but now after covlvid it's like every other week or every three seven days. Come on get in check.

  44. Noside LeinadCm

    Noside LeinadCm

    Måned siden

    Find a way to clean up your language fuck that horn is retarded I won't be lasting. Much longer if that continues. I bet your afraid of being demonetised.

  45. Random User

    Random User

    Måned siden

    Ray Ray and The August crew is coming :D

  46. supercars 2 step

    supercars 2 step

    Måned siden

    You should’ve joined the take over 🥺😩

  47. Bruce Symons

    Bruce Symons

    Måned siden

    You should get the new mclaren saver in get that wing

  48. ApsidalScroll30


    Måned siden

    Get the LaFerrari and wide body it😂

  49. ROBERTS604


    Måned siden

    Aperta needs a small lip windscreen

  50. Paul C

    Paul C

    Måned siden

    Fuck the Veyron, i wanted to see the red RX-7

  51. Rashaun Greene

    Rashaun Greene

    Måned siden

    When you get 1 million get the Laferrari

  52. Hari Sudhan

    Hari Sudhan

    Måned siden

    Get a la ferrari

  53. jevane morris

    jevane morris

    Måned siden

    If u got the money you should definitely get the laferrari

  54. Roli


    Måned siden

    Them takeover boys was getting lit

  55. Kevin Campbell

    Kevin Campbell

    Måned siden

    At 19:33 you get to see how out of place a C8 looks with real supercars. Nothing against Corvette, but it doesn't compare to McLaren or Lamborghini.

  56. Ryzen Bloxies

    Ryzen Bloxies

    Måned siden


  57. Joseph Jackson Jr.

    Joseph Jackson Jr.

    Måned siden

    La Ferrari

  58. Pauly B

    Pauly B

    Måned siden

    LA F

  59. byron marsh

    byron marsh

    Måned siden

    awsome bro

  60. Tameez Motala

    Tameez Motala

    Måned siden

    Get a 992 turbo S an make it the fastest

  61. AEPuXxy4 Aguilar

    AEPuXxy4 Aguilar

    Måned siden

    yoo its 50k likes already !!! you better get uncle rey rey now!!!!😂

  62. #JoshGunZ


    Måned siden


  63. Coak Mann

    Coak Mann

    Måned siden

    I've missed the DDE videos like this ! Damn covid shut it down but you guys are back to killing it !

  64. Small Money

    Small Money

    Måned siden

    What’s the name of Damon’s sunglasses

  65. rscrod


    Måned siden

    stop the in and out of the camera, man hurts my eyes

  66. GlennQtip


    Måned siden

    LAF all day👠

  67. Mashood Khan

    Mashood Khan

    Måned siden

    All Cars are Sick but McLaren 720s GTR (DDE) and Lamborghini aperta (DDE) Are Sick at a higher level Biggest Fan sir 👍🏻

  68. Joseph


    Måned siden

    Damon just wants to be everything he isn’t or almost is 🤔

  69. Nikolas Pichette

    Nikolas Pichette

    Måned siden

    Get some pit vipers for the aperta

  70. Fardeen Ahmed

    Fardeen Ahmed

    Måned siden

    LaFerrariiiii ❤️❤️

  71. Shaeena Patel

    Shaeena Patel

    Måned siden

    Please drop merch!

  72. Shaeena Patel

    Shaeena Patel

    Måned siden

    I need merch please drop merch now!

  73. Shahnavaaazzyt


    Måned siden

    Im not lil disappointed im fking crying disappointed

  74. - Zenpathy -

    - Zenpathy -

    Måned siden

    Sad they didnt show that rx-7 next to the cullinan :(

  75. Zakaria Aitkhoya lahsen

    Zakaria Aitkhoya lahsen

    Måned siden

    Love the video thank you guys for making us enjoy , and music is good what is name by the way

  76. Jeremy Dodd

    Jeremy Dodd

    Måned siden

    So Miami to hang with Savage? Is it coming?

  77. MST BULL


    Måned siden

    Is it just me or DDE is struggling to find the next tire slayer ever since he The Lambo Things are not the same no I’m not trying to hate on you but I really want to see that magic again please DDE find the car that you’re looking for

  78. PlayJay


    Måned siden

    Get a senna

  79. Zeus


    Måned siden

    Does manny never go to big events. His cars would definitely make a scene

  80. azagrial


    Måned siden

    LaFerrari over bugatti evertime. Bugattis are ugly tanks.

  81. Michi-player1


    Måned siden

    DDE 🤩

  82. Jean Lodewyks

    Jean Lodewyks

    Måned siden

    5:06 where my gta people at😭😂 The apartments top right Top left that big building on main🤣 And barber shop to the left😭🔥

  83. Shawn Perepelytz

    Shawn Perepelytz

    Måned siden

    Laferrari over the Chiron for me but from a content point if you I’d choose a tire slayer.

  84. LittleNicky


    Måned siden

    Bret the hitman Aperta shades

  85. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson

    Måned siden

    Need to see.what the Chicago area is all about

  86. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson

    Måned siden

    Uncle Ray Ray would not trailer it it would have to be enclosed flatbed

  87. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson

    Måned siden

    La ferrari

  88. Car Culture Nation

    Car Culture Nation

    Måned siden

    love how the Xcomps are so garbage they are only used to roast tires lol!! reminds me of putting expensive 335s on on 30k mustangs with 30k into them or crown vics and Ls coyote cars except they leave 11s with some drifts when you turn. xcomp just makes any car into a tire slayer lol

  89. César Guzmán

    César Guzmán

    Måned siden

    Ok, sorry for the late comment but… they are in between supercars and hypercars. But can we really just aknowledge the 1969 Camaro behind Damon? Like, the owner of the car parked his 50yo carin between hypercars and supercars… props to him and that Camaro looks amazing!

  90. 2FastRides


    Måned siden

    Get the LaFerrari

  91. Ranier Gonzalez

    Ranier Gonzalez

    Måned siden

    Funny how police 9:29 said don’t come causing trouble; DDE said 15:22 they’re coming

  92. N3STRo


    Måned siden

    Uncle RAY RAY at Monterey??

  93. Evander Ayala

    Evander Ayala

    Måned siden

    Like for La Ferrari!!

  94. Chasity Taylor

    Chasity Taylor

    Måned siden


  95. Taariq Arend

    Taariq Arend

    Måned siden

    Buy a la ferrari 😍😍

  96. Emiliano Zepeda

    Emiliano Zepeda

    Måned siden

    get a senna

  97. Supercar 77

    Supercar 77

    Måned siden

    That manual white murci’s sound 🤤😍🔥

  98. Al G

    Al G

    Måned siden

    DDE you shpuld meet up with Tavarish whilst in the States.

  99. Pumarolz


    Måned siden

    La Ferrari for sure Dave

  100. Pumarolz


    Måned siden

    Please get Helmets and personalize each of them to every individual taste , just so we can tell who is who riding the huracán evo aperta