BAD NEWS For DDE Twin Turbo Ferrari F12 Update ...

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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  1. Nick J

    Nick J

    6 timer siden

    what the fuck I hope that cops boss sees this

  2. Gary Gumbs

    Gary Gumbs

    5 dager siden

    I love gintani for that one 😂😂. “ Why Dave always gets picked on?”

  3. Carter Gilbert

    Carter Gilbert

    7 dager siden

    Jump the Urus

  4. Bakos Sakr

    Bakos Sakr

    8 dager siden

    Bro cmon man you absolutely thrashed the fuck out of the car when leaving Gitani then when he pulled you over you told him I was driving normal. Love the video but

  5. GARY J

    GARY J

    9 dager siden

    Hi I’m from England, I don’t know how the traffic laws work in America but surely if you went to court and showed the judge the video of how the police officer behaved and how badly he treated you, not even explaining to you fully the laws of the ticket he gave you, surely the judge would throw it out out of court? just unbelievable pure disrespect, no need for it whatsoever.

  6. Антонио Илиев

    Антонио Илиев

    10 dager siden

    what is the song called at 8 minutes

  7. 666KTY


    11 dager siden


  8. TheNorthernAviator


    12 dager siden

    Amazing the difference between cock cops and nice ones, eh?

  9. Jon Boucher

    Jon Boucher

    12 dager siden

    Youd probably win that in court i saw many violations on him

  10. wickedtoast


    12 dager siden

    I would submit a complaint

  11. Brian B

    Brian B

    12 dager siden

    I mean, don’t cops have to at least identify themselves first? I would’ve called him in while he wrote that citation to talk to his superior.

  12. Blake Huxtable

    Blake Huxtable

    14 dager siden

    He literally has an illegal exhaust and does so many pulls off camera then turns on camera and acts as if he did nothing wrong. like its illegal just get over it stop crying about something that you know you did.

  13. yoyo 19

    yoyo 19

    15 dager siden

    Seriously that cop is a Richard 😆 he needs to get off that bike and relax his but hole 🕳 😂

  14. Moises Ortega

    Moises Ortega

    16 dager siden

    Walk like this .. this is nice .. tht nigga a goof😂😂

  15. Benjamin Krygier

    Benjamin Krygier

    16 dager siden

    The only exhausts that are legal are ones that come on the cars and are approved and signed off by the DOT

  16. DannyB_96


    17 dager siden

    Hey hope the rari is goin to run again...btw could you change to a car sound instead of the horn when you swearing? 😉

  17. Exelith Op

    Exelith Op

    18 dager siden

    A dde training manual😂😂 dave youre hilarious

  18. Terry Hayward

    Terry Hayward

    19 dager siden

    I would put in an official complaint against that officer.

  19. Carlos CEO of REDLINEQUICKSHIFT - youtube Channel

    Carlos CEO of REDLINEQUICKSHIFT - youtube Channel

    19 dager siden

    You guys loving showing the clip of him crashing the truck 😂😂😂😂😂✌🏾

  20. Super Trix

    Super Trix

    19 dager siden

    i want to know when you contest that ticket whats up with the Db ruling since you took a video of the event. The cop failed to tell you what law you broke, cant tell you later in trafffic court as a explain for what law was broken, that is illegal to do. cant give out stuff then claim tell you the stuff in court later, it has to be at time of issuance of the ticket not some later event dates and times. reguardless of the ticket type. cant give a ticket after effect laws, any honest court judge will toss it out. they know you outta country will just pay it vs show up to context time, aka the cash grab of non local rich suckers.

  21. mark gabello

    mark gabello

    19 dager siden

    Good job guys yeah what's the decibel rating what is 100 decibels or something for noise or something 87

  22. asad sultan

    asad sultan

    20 dager siden

    Demon any problem bro your face is changed man like any problem

  23. JuicyFruityify


    21 dag siden

    That thing has no cover? Need a clip on upholstery cover.

  24. Sam Buysse

    Sam Buysse

    21 dag siden

    Personally if I was a cop, I would love to see this type of stuff, seeing something like what you guys do in person doesn’t happen often at all

  25. aaronrobles98


    21 dag siden

    hell yea tbh just let the twin turbos run loose, youll quickly find the limits of the car once you smash the gas and get it squirrelly

  26. shooter gavin

    shooter gavin

    21 dag siden

    The morons lawmakers in California made a law that says over 95 decibels is too loud. Who knows why they chose that number. The burden is on the cop to prove that the level was above 95. He needs to give the decibel from a calibrated instrument. His ears to not qualify. Fight that ticket.

  27. somacinteriors


    22 dager siden

    They wonder why people can't stand them,

  28. Miguel C

    Miguel C

    23 dager siden

    Good to see you guys in cali again. Feels like things are back to normal. 😎

  29. Wristwatch Addiction

    Wristwatch Addiction

    23 dager siden

    That was the most hilarious pull over I have ever seen!

  30. flav2534


    23 dager siden

    LOL there's plenty of videos on NOnet of hellcats smoking your lambos . "good luck" LOL

  31. Taj Smalls

    Taj Smalls

    24 dager siden

    Well that ticket should be easy to get out of . He completely ignored to give y’all the legal db for the exhaust on camera! 😭

  32. Kory Purcell

    Kory Purcell

    24 dager siden

    DON!! YES!! hahaha fam is out in the streets

  33. Ax


    25 dager siden

    That cop was bs lol😂😂😂

  34. Chris Hammer

    Chris Hammer

    25 dager siden

    I seriously don't understand your luck with tickets and police. I've driven no cat cars let alone any mufflers for years, 1 exhaust ticket. I don't think it's decibel rating that you break, but more just a "guess" that it's not factory or to loud.

  35. chris jamieson

    chris jamieson

    25 dager siden

    Damon should actually go to the court date and put this p.o.s. cop on blast for being a cocksucker. Failure to Identity works both ways...

  36. GoldToothDizzle247


    25 dager siden

    Stay in Canada looser. DDL, Daily Driven Loosers

  37. Andre


    25 dager siden

    Damn that cop was straight up ignorant and un-professional. He deserves to loose his badge for that. Cops like him make people hate cops. What a DOUCHE!!!

  38. B18 C1

    B18 C1

    25 dager siden

    When are you guys stopping by Sheepey?

  39. Ashten Hungerford

    Ashten Hungerford

    26 dager siden

    You should do a 6x6 urus

  40. Rob


    26 dager siden

    That's the price you pay for having such exotic cars. Comes with the territory.

  41. Dylan Mckee

    Dylan Mckee

    26 dager siden

    I would fight that dumbass ticket

  42. Craig Bollmann

    Craig Bollmann

    26 dager siden

    Please fight that ticket and get that cop in the doghouse bc he just broke one of the number one rules in law enforcement which is you have to get you name and badge number if asked

  43. Osama bin Laden

    Osama bin Laden

    26 dager siden

    15:29 that cop just gave you the ticket and not explain it because he doesn't even know the law that's why he keeps saying go to traffic court lol just need the money had a long day of doing nothing

  44. Jdm fan x Zendaya

    Jdm fan x Zendaya

    26 dager siden

    Exhaust rules California should looked on google if legal or illegal

  45. benetti592


    26 dager siden

    DDE? Digital Diesel electronic

  46. AX2


    27 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂 cop was not having it

  47. jie zhang

    jie zhang

    27 dager siden

    What kind of unprofessional stuff is this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I would of left, he didn’t identify himself or answering my questions 🤣🤣🤣

  48. SpaceRanger


    27 dager siden

    Entourage was such an amazing show

  49. xtn's youtube

    xtn's youtube

    27 dager siden

    When you get to court for the loud exhaust...ask the judge how the cop could possibly have heard your exhaust over his own obnoxiously loud ego?

  50. Saved by the Ball

    Saved by the Ball

    27 dager siden

    Pure Extortion right there..

  51. Rob Cardenales

    Rob Cardenales

    27 dager siden

    DDE is the greatest ysob yeaaaaaa

  52. Chris Furman

    Chris Furman

    27 dager siden

    That cop was pissed because your car cost more then he makes in 5 years

  53. Peach Meep

    Peach Meep

    27 dager siden

    Legend has it the G wagon is still stuck in the fence

  54. Scott P

    Scott P

    27 dager siden

    Thats the deffinition of a prick copper

  55. Executive The Don

    Executive The Don

    27 dager siden

    Ruined a perfectly good F12.

  56. Joey N Reed

    Joey N Reed

    27 dager siden

    Cops wonder why they are hated...

  57. Mass Project

    Mass Project

    27 dager siden

    Was that @chrisfix 😂🤣

  58. King Adams

    King Adams

    27 dager siden

    They are reading the DDE TRAINING MANUAL. Dave so funny

  59. thomas schimmeyer

    thomas schimmeyer

    27 dager siden

    Do not pay that, go to court and ask the same questions you asked. He took no readings and is counting on you to just pay it.

  60. Jose Leyva

    Jose Leyva

    27 dager siden

    That cop really does not have anything to do. By law he has to Provide his name

  61. Shane Alexander

    Shane Alexander

    28 dager siden

    How come kaufman isn't fixing this thing? Was there a fallout?

  62. David Heinig

    David Heinig

    28 dager siden

    Isn't life one big party?

  63. David Heinig

    David Heinig

    28 dager siden

    Fukk DDE

  64. David Heinig

    David Heinig

    28 dager siden

    Fukk DDE. Buying supercars every week like shmee150

  65. Yoseph Gebremeskel

    Yoseph Gebremeskel

    28 dager siden

    Yeah scud... the car was nicer

  66. silver fringe

    silver fringe

    28 dager siden

    they have to privide the actual readings when they give you a ticket, wheres the proof he even took a test of it?

  67. Standley Handcrafted

    Standley Handcrafted

    28 dager siden

    They can just pull you over and give you a ticket you can’t fight and with no justification or proof. They just say it was loud. WTF?!

    • Pie Lucas

      Pie Lucas

      27 dager siden

      They call it Commiefornia for a reason

  68. GPJ


    28 dager siden

    We're going to need an update on that citation from that clown cop. PLEASE go to traffic court for it!

  69. Shawn John

    Shawn John

    28 dager siden

    I would have gave him the bird and told him to fuck off.

  70. Úlfhéđnar


    28 dager siden

    I'm gonna assume that cop had his helmet on and didn't give his name for his own safety, knowing who DDE is, and knowing he's being filmed. That being said, that doesn't change the fact that he was an unprofessional Dick

  71. Animal Racing Customs

    Animal Racing Customs

    28 dager siden

    I can not wait to hear this F12 scream on the road

  72. Ruben Crash

    Ruben Crash

    28 dager siden

    DDE comes to LA and gets a State Ref 🤣 what do you guys do in this situation since you are not living in California?

  73. DuskHorse12860


    28 dager siden

    this police officer must be deaf as a post

  74. Robert Wolfe

    Robert Wolfe

    28 dager siden

    Just think when DDE goes EV there won't be any exhaust tickets

  75. Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes

    28 dager siden

    dont tell these guys a plaid will destroy all the twin turblau you can throw at these lil weenie cars

  76. Anthony Bohr

    Anthony Bohr

    28 dager siden

    I’d stop pulling over fuck them your in a mclaren just go🤣

  77. Julien Pointcom

    Julien Pointcom

    28 dager siden

    Best video editor of the NOnet Car Game 💪🪙💪

  78. Mark Sprouse

    Mark Sprouse

    28 dager siden

    F12 needs more content.

  79. levi holden

    levi holden

    28 dager siden

    Lmfao so thats the funny shit I've ever heard can't have 12 pounds of boost am dead right now

  80. Ty Elsner

    Ty Elsner

    28 dager siden

    I would’ve reved the fuck out if it lol 😂

  81. Sυʝιxαȥҽxɳ


    28 dager siden

    Bro like dde and when they viewed my Instagram story I freaked out

  82. Lane Nageotte-Taylor

    Lane Nageotte-Taylor

    28 dager siden

    I want both the 720 gtr hat and Damon’s ttf12 hat now….

  83. John Schneider

    John Schneider

    29 dager siden

    That was the most bullshit ticket yet it's non correctional what's the point 🤣

  84. levendi Kritikos

    levendi Kritikos

    29 dager siden

    DDE shouldn't have Turbo charged F12 6.3 V12 NA. The point of buying Ferrari GT's is to experience V12 NA

  85. allied1394


    29 dager siden

    Big surprise didn’t see this one coming hmm how to destroy a Ferrari should’ve been the name of this series

  86. Wee Man

    Wee Man

    29 dager siden

    I would have told that prick of a cop to not touch my damn car. Just another reason to hate California

  87. Nick


    29 dager siden

    Revenue cash grab bs

  88. Tim Laws

    Tim Laws

    29 dager siden

    You should have cranked it and red lined as he walked away

  89. Den Boe

    Den Boe

    29 dager siden

    Darn! Forgot my Radio Shack Decibel meter today. "Well Officer,........ I could give you reading right here. See, it is under......xxxxx's and totally legal today. Officer "X" should be on the citation.

  90. Real OG

    Real OG

    29 dager siden

    so you find on of peace of POOP tyrants in California? dude we have this pigs all over the city, they don't know shit about law and things... fk them

  91. Brett Cooper

    Brett Cooper

    29 dager siden

    Report that pathetic officer..! How rude...!!

  92. David Hoffman

    David Hoffman

    29 dager siden

    Desani is the worst water you can buy

  93. Short Round

    Short Round

    29 dager siden

    Damon, thats one fine cop you ran into there... LOL

  94. Fukn Bored

    Fukn Bored

    29 dager siden

    5:38 nobody gonna mention the golden dick in the background... ok.

  95. MrSCRIBR


    29 dager siden

    No need to be a dick to the police

  96. Tzwixi


    29 dager siden

    guys play big boys with big cars pretending being smart like engineers but then ask the police guy what is the regulation. What a joke. Well if you are real serious about cars modifications, you never neglect the law, integrate the law requirements into the part specifications, test the part alone and then test the part on the car to make sure it is law compliant over its life cycle / life time, from noise to recycling. That is what I call system engineering and specification definition validated by proper validation plan. If you don't do that, don't cry. If there was not all this, making a car would be so easy. Making a car is freaking easy when they are no regulations. Making a car that is compliant taking into account all laws for all places it is supposed to drive in, well that's another story. Too many dudes out here pretending they know about cars when they know nothing at all, or what doesn't matter at all. Knowing how to boost an engine is one thing. System engineering leading to proper product/vehicle specifications and realization of it's validation plan, that is another story. Ask Bosch, Continental, Valeo, Garret, the list is long. And Mercedes. Ask them what is more easy to produce: a 1000 HP car for only one state or a 50HP roller skate for Europe, USA and Asia. They will laugh cause only the question should not be asked it is so obvious. More than this people should realize that tuned cars can be extremely dangerous, and fire situation can be gnarly to a point that people can not believe until they see it. The fire station guys that come to help in these situations are working hand-in-hand with police departments. And all of them don't want to have the dirty job to do if ever your car takes fire and you can not escape. If you think you can have the time to escape a fire in a car caused by an illegal tuning of engine, well ask your local fire station if they agree with that idea. Ask Paul Walker if he had time. No disrespect here, but it is never too late to face cold the truth. Better cold truth than hot harsh reality.

  97. Kevin Ammann

    Kevin Ammann

    29 dager siden

    stop going to commiefornia. its a liberal cesspool.

  98. darkskull


    29 dager siden

    Screw that cop man

  99. Joe Max Fpv

    Joe Max Fpv

    29 dager siden

    Cops have to legally identify themselves as to prove they are government/state officials. But that misuse of power aside. If the car is registered and insured in Canada he can’t fine you for inspection issues here. Same as cars from New Mexico with dark tinted windshields in other states. It may make them annoyed but it’s legal where the vehicle is from. Tourism isn’t illegal.

  100. Michael Carlock

    Michael Carlock

    29 dager siden

    There is a exhaust law in cali, it cant be louder then 95 dbA