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We look forward to sharing our adventures with you and together creating a united Supercar community that doesn't just tuck these amazing machines away in garages but rather takes them to the ends of the earth for all to enjoy!


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I spend most of my time making videos for NOnet and then the rest falls in the order from top to bottom FYI



  1. Rich H

    Rich H

    7 timer siden

    Yellow fellows or banana 🍌 bros

  2. Dr. Watson

    Dr. Watson

    7 timer siden

    Launch control!!! 😆 killed me at the end

  3. Irfan Jamaluddin

    Irfan Jamaluddin

    7 timer siden

    Rolling shots are insane! 🔥

  4. Nick J

    Nick J

    8 timer siden

    what the fuck I hope that cops boss sees this

  5. matt goreck

    matt goreck

    8 timer siden

    That cop is just mad he doesn't have a mean car like that! Lol and I LOVE how you schooled him on the law and he is the POLICE OFFICER lol what a joke. . such bullshit!!!! I hope you got an attorney and fought that citation!!

  6. elcentinela 343

    elcentinela 343

    8 timer siden

    Great video 🔥🙌

  7. Gabriel Marques

    Gabriel Marques

    8 timer siden

    Vim pelo greg ferreira

  8. Your Freakin Trash

    Your Freakin Trash

    8 timer siden

    Literally livin in GTA. Love these guys cause they’re like some cool ass dads that keep up with the trends😂😂💯

  9. Yung Trevor

    Yung Trevor

    8 timer siden


  10. ANG_adar


    8 timer siden

    5 Million! its 3 million

  11. Tom Wev

    Tom Wev

    8 timer siden

    Around me, if you were doing 115 mph, you'd be getting arrested.

  12. muhammad nur razin hayadin

    muhammad nur razin hayadin

    8 timer siden

    keep the cgt

  13. Andrew Komarnitskyy

    Andrew Komarnitskyy

    8 timer siden

    How to keep up with the super cars: BMW

  14. tsatsis


    8 timer siden

    cgt in he back at 3.7

  15. bantheundead


    9 timer siden

    I'd love a pre lp restoration on the channel

  16. ForEver NFG

    ForEver NFG

    9 timer siden

    Just spotted a carrera gt in the video 👌🏾

  17. Alexander Ziehl

    Alexander Ziehl

    9 timer siden

    Damn I was on a rally sad I missed you at country mart

  18. david ellsworth

    david ellsworth

    9 timer siden

    you should buy that mustang Eleanor i seen in this video 14:08 . i think it a mustang Eleanor look like it to me

  19. Johnny Nolen

    Johnny Nolen

    9 timer siden

    Good taste in cars and bourbon! Basil Hayden is fire!!

  20. Auusstin


    9 timer siden

    Take the f12 on Angeles crest highway and go rip it.

  21. LSxChevelle


    9 timer siden

    That would be a good Murcielago to 2JZ swap. I just saw a yellow one with a LS at LS Fest East. Also a TT LS Gallardo!

  22. KyushaLimit


    9 timer siden

    Man the rollin shots have been fire lately!! Keep that well produced content coming!

  23. Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

    9 timer siden

    Didn't say hi to your favorite palm tree at the hotel 😕 love the videos guys !

  24. Redchevy9I


    10 timer siden

    Anyone notice the license plate coming off at 1:20 or so on the black svj lol

  25. Jack Durden

    Jack Durden

    10 timer siden

    To have that shop and actually began from nothing, is an amazing and really inspirational story! That place is incredible.

  26. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas

    10 timer siden

    Damon, your 720GTR is much nice than the Koenigsegg Regera but the SVJ is the nicest

  27. AKIRA


    10 timer siden

    3M soon💥💥

  28. Sin


    10 timer siden

    Why do you hate police???

  29. Raheem wright

    Raheem wright

    10 timer siden

    are you two brothers

  30. Yiannis Lafogiannis

    Yiannis Lafogiannis

    10 timer siden




    10 timer siden

    Who else wanna see a supra on the channel?

  32. Jaylen plays

    Jaylen plays

    10 timer siden

    it is 2003

  33. Raheem wright

    Raheem wright

    10 timer siden

    almost 3 mill

  34. Jack Durden

    Jack Durden

    10 timer siden

    Right now, in a parallel universe, I’m driving one of those cars. And married to Scarlette Johansson. But not here. And it sucks!! That looks like an actual dream, to be driving along, then surrounded by Lambos.

  35. Benedictus Keisuke

    Benedictus Keisuke

    10 timer siden

    and twin turbo that v12

  36. Benedictus Keisuke

    Benedictus Keisuke

    10 timer siden

    you should build that into a drift build like u said in 316 speed

  37. Maximum Tech Repair

    Maximum Tech Repair

    10 timer siden

    Came to see who noticed the Lancia that was driven by Sergio from Pyrodrone!!!!

  38. Samuel Bullock

    Samuel Bullock

    11 timer siden

    When is Dave getting his Huracan delivered to LA

  39. jalil pangcoga

    jalil pangcoga

    11 timer siden

    Jaymie us fuckin 🔥🔥

  40. fun in the wild

    fun in the wild

    11 timer siden

    Hahahahaha I know exactly what gas station this is and 10/10 can confirm that dude on the bike is a meth head. One day I was there getting smokes after getting off the ferry and no shit this dude is sitting there right beside the doors with that same bike begging for change lmaoooo. He was straight geeked out and started yelling at me when I didn't give him the 5 dollar bill I had as I was walking past him back to my car🤣🤣

  41. Mike R

    Mike R

    11 timer siden

    I just don't know why DDE always gets pulled over - a total mystery ....

  42. x iDropKillz x

    x iDropKillz x

    11 timer siden

    Make Dave get that maybach. My landlord has a matte grey one all blacked out everything mirror tint 🤣🤌🏻 it’s so mafia spec. Dave deserves one 10000x more

  43. A B

    A B

    11 timer siden

    @citycollisioncenter Love the huge ass Armenian flag mounted on the wall!!

  44. Qvintus2016


    11 timer siden

    1:15 The SVJ almost sounds like a 2011 f1 car

  45. nickname


    11 timer siden

    One daughter gets a lambo and the other gets a honda?

  46. Dominic Lombardo

    Dominic Lombardo

    11 timer siden

    I love everything except the air boxes. That gigantic 316 logo is tacky and a small 3:16 logo in the DDE boxy font and the orange exterior color in the lower corner on each box would look much better. I didn’t see anything else of the kit because that’s all I could look at

  47. Full Octane Garage

    Full Octane Garage

    11 timer siden

    Roller edits are SOOOOOO on point. Nicely done

  48. King Mimiku シ

    King Mimiku シ

    11 timer siden

    How much does the mercury cost with no upgrades

  49. Fouey Fash

    Fouey Fash

    11 timer siden

    FTP cops are pigs

  50. Dylan Poppers

    Dylan Poppers

    11 timer siden

    What’s the song in the first montage

  51. Joosh J

    Joosh J

    11 timer siden

    Owning a Lambo Merci for 10 years and not knowing a thing about it 😵😵

  52. DAVID


    12 timer siden

    Why don't you say to the officer how about I get out of the car and we walk back to your car and show me the radar in your car, they can not say they don't know how to show you the radar like the coloured officer said. I would say not until you show me the speed I was allegedly doing on the radar device in your car.

  53. CkA47 CKA47

    CkA47 CKA47

    12 timer siden

    That regera is insanely weird how it sounds you can’t tell how fast it’s going unless u see the numbers

  54. Jomelyn Acob

    Jomelyn Acob

    12 timer siden

    Thats perfect for driftcar project

  55. Pasindu Ranaweera

    Pasindu Ranaweera

    12 timer siden

    9:55 and upto 10:26 next generation fast and furious dude 🔥🔥Koenigsegg, 720 GTR and all SVJ and SV man that's next koenigsegg and 720 GTR stands out like crazy.....

  56. Donny Paik

    Donny Paik

    12 timer siden

    Damon: “how much carbon you want?” Dave: “i want all the carbon”

  57. Jürgen


    12 timer siden

    Is so sad that your are Not allowed Go Drive fast as you wont like us in germany 180-200 is just cruise tempo

  58. grega6


    12 timer siden

    OMFG that Lambo , the best thing i heard after straight piped CGT and LFA

  59. Aldin Zlatarevic

    Aldin Zlatarevic

    12 timer siden

    Get the us car scene to german autobahn, but let some good drivers drive them, maybe hit the ring

  60. Hiruka Garusingha

    Hiruka Garusingha

    12 timer siden

    anybody saw the 720 GTR scene in mannys channel. something went wrong in the 720 GTR

  61. Dillskii


    12 timer siden

    What is the song called at 9 minutes in the video?

  62. Soliss


    12 timer siden

    Happy birthday dean 💯🤙🏽

  63. LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer

    LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer

    12 timer siden

    ugly koennigssesgsegseggs wheels , but carbon

  64. rekt antonio

    rekt antonio

    13 timer siden

    Do a video of you going to court



    13 timer siden

    Can't wait to hear the SVJ with the F1 sounding exhaust.

  66. Aivhan Martinez

    Aivhan Martinez

    13 timer siden

    Counting to 3million Subs!!

  67. Relax your mind

    Relax your mind

    13 timer siden

    I love re watching, you're awesome car animals!!! When are you going to New Zealand for a car tour it is GT awesome south Island is the best DAMON you have to come see..

  68. james


    13 timer siden

    you cant go wrong with the gintani f1 and the murci should go to cali

  69. Trieu Phuong

    Trieu Phuong

    13 timer siden

    Am really like your cap. How to buy it when I stay in VietNam Bro. Please replly me

  70. Chops Fisher

    Chops Fisher

    14 timer siden

    ATA Sent me! Love both your channels!!

  71. Adeeb a

    Adeeb a

    14 timer siden

    police 17:16

  72. Brett Brantley

    Brett Brantley

    14 timer siden

    Good Shit Dde, Happy 3 mill anniversary!!!🔥🔥🔥

  73. Addy


    14 timer siden

    Dude rich people will buy anything as long as its fast and has carbon fiber

  74. Mohammed Hamiz

    Mohammed Hamiz

    14 timer siden

    No hate but the description.......

  75. El Chupacabra

    El Chupacabra

    14 timer siden

    Shooting flames at a Gas Station xD In Germany we say "Lebensmüde" 🤣

  76. Irick Ciechoski

    Irick Ciechoski

    14 timer siden

    I would love if u got a mk4 Supra or a rx7

  77. Donte Johnson

    Donte Johnson

    14 timer siden

    Dave gotta be in some slave ass 360 deal cause Damon treats him like shit 😂😂😂

  78. Narayan Chhabra

    Narayan Chhabra

    14 timer siden

    Congratulations in advance for 3 million strong family and love from India 👊

  79. Kamohelo Mahasa

    Kamohelo Mahasa

    14 timer siden

    DDE montages are everything 🥶🥶🥶